Animals of the Beskydy Mountains

Animals of the Beskydy Mountains/Živočichové Beskyd
The Beskydy Nature in English, another day with the project The Beskydy Mountains - place where I live/Beskydy-místo, kde žiji. The participants got acquainted with the selected species of the Beskydy animals. They increased  the knowledge of theirs on three large beasts living here such as Brown bear, European wolf, Euroasian lynx or smaller ones such as Red squirrel, European badger, Red fox and other ones. 
The part of the programe was devoted to the signs of the animals we can find in nature. One of them is a footprint animals leave in the snow or muddy sites. Participants could have made a plaster cast of a Beskydy animal footprint and found out that plastering was not such a difficult piece of work. Moreover, they have a nice remind of wonderful times they spend at URSUS centre in Dolní Lomná.