Life cycle of Blue Butterfly/Životní cyklus modrásků

One of the topic the participants revealed during the verification of the programme Water above rubies under the project The Beskydy Mountains under the Magnifying glass was devoted to the Life cycle of Blue butterfly.  The key species were Phengaris arion and Phengaris nausithous. These species were in the past very common in the Beskydy Mountains and not only. Unfortunately, the endangered ones nowadays and very rare. The habitat of Phengaris nausithous is a wetland with the plant species of Great burnet Sanguisorba officinalis and ant species of Myrmica sabuleti.

The participants could have observed the biotop of Phengaris nausithous including the Great burnet.


More information you can find in the interactive display at URSUS zážitkové centrum v Dolní Lomné where you can find the story on Phengaris arion, showpieces of butterflies or observe butterfly parts under a microscope.

Within the project of Insects for Life/Ze života hmyzu, reg. č. LIFE16 NAT/CZ/000731